Working with PI on Gas planets

The most troublesome planetary colonies that Aeon has had to manage so far have always been on gas planets. And for good reason: these planets are a lot bigger than their solid matter based counterparts. This means that distances when placing structures are not what they seem: that extractor one centimetre away from your main base in the planetary user interface is actually thousands of kilometres away, much farther than that same centimetre represents on, say, a barren planet. This is due to the fact that the user interface does not convey the dimensions of the planets at all.

Technical blurb aside, fact is that links to extractors far away from your main base are just way too expensive on gas planets. The solution is simply to make do without linking your extractors. To illustrate how this works, I have created an explanation sheet:

PI on Gas Planets

So to sum this up:

  1. Build your main consisting of only the spaceport and the advanced industry facilities.
  2. For each material you wish to extract, create independent secondary bases.
  3. Each secondary base has an extractor, a storage unit and basic factories to process the materials.
  4. When the extractors finish their cycle, decommission the secondary bases except for the storage.
  5. Create links from the spaceport to the storage units (made possible by the power and CPU freed up).
  6. Transfer the processed materials to the spaceport, so the advanced industry can start.
  7. Decommission the leftover storage units.
  8. Rinse and repeat: rebuild the secondary bases in new material hotspots.

Obviously this works best if you use longer extraction cycles, so you do not have to do a wild clickfest every few hours to rebuild the secondary bases.

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