One playstyle down the drain

build_t2_drone_damage_amplifierFor the past six months or so, Loreena has been working to get back into industry. To support these efforts, I built a custom industry tool tailored to the size of her operation, which consisted mainly of inventing and building T2 modules and drones. Once she had the logistics and know-how mastered, it started being fun and for the first time in her EVE career, her industry undertaking actually gave a benefit. Nothing transcendental, but enough to keep her motivated.

With the industry overhaul, my biggest fear was that her casual highsec manufacturing venture would not be able to compete with low/null manufacturing. At first though, prices stayed relatively stable and she went on building happily. Then the industry community at large really caught on to the new system.

As it stands, many of the modules Loreena used to build are for sale on market for prices way below those she can offer, for some up to 300k ISK per item. Even buying materials at below market value, she cannot compete with the current prices. In practice, as my casual playstyle does not allow for a life in lowsec (I tried several times, it’s just not fun for me), it means one playstyle less in Loreena’s book.

It’s a shame really, since the new UI works really well and made industry noticeably more fun. I can understand CCP’s desire to attract more people to low and nullsec, but I think that industry is not where it should be applied. So far, any additions to the game designed to make pilots flock to lowsec never really conflicted with my casual playstyle: At worst, I am missing out on some juicy or exciting content, but I can live with that. These new changes however break the pattern, and create a disparity that you can only respond to by moving to lowsec.

I know Loreena and Aeon are only small fish, and perhaps my playstyle is not the norm – but I wonder where CCP being this hell bent on forcing people to low/null will lead us. Loreena and Aeon both still have enough material to have fun, but for a game as friendly to casual gamers as EVE I see this as a bad choice indeed. Especially since they did such a terrific job with the new UI.

3 Responses to “One playstyle down the drain”

  • Maenth Says:

    I had the same experience, but since then I think the market has rebalanced to decent points, and the new ability for multiple invention runs helps!

  • Chaga Says:

    Have you thought about one of the laid-back sov null corps or even a renter corp? You can have a pretty casual life in null. It’s easy enough to have a highsec alt who can take care of market purchases and hauling stuff the edge of null for corp haulers to pick up and bring in on contract. Often there are resources to assist the industrialist as well.

  • Steve Says:

    Or don’t sell in a space hub, find a busy system away from a trade hub where you can command higher prices.

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