EVE ShipsInfo wordpress plugin

Have you ever wanted to just show some nice inline ship information in your blog posts, or simply display a thematic list of ships? Like, say, the top 20 fastest warping frigates in EVE?

Here, let me… there’s a shortcode for that.

If you click on a ship name, you get a popup with a view of the ship, as well as all essential ship attributes.

Tables are cool, but personally I live for the eye candy – which is why there’s a shortcode to build galleries. Let’s try, say, all battlecruiser hulls with 6 or more high slots and 6 or more lowslots:

This is all made possible with a WordPress plugin I built, called EVE ShipInfo. It’s an evolution of an older similar script I had built quite some time ago. In essence it adds a portable EVE Online ships database to your WordPress blog, complete with front and side screenshots for for all 418 ship hulls (at the time of writing, with the Phoebe release). There is still a lot to be improved, but making it better is the fun part now that the core works 🙂

If you have an EVE-related blog, I invite you to check it out, and feedback is always appreciated. For developers the easy to use API can be interesting as well if you want to query the database from one of your own plugins.

To learn more and download it, check out the EVE ShipInfo plugin homepage.

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