The Ships of EVE 2014

Back in 2010, I built a first Ships of EVE poster. With the new version of my EVE ships database tool, I was able to make an updated version of the poster.

It’s quite interesting to compare the two posters: in 4 years, the number of ships increased from 240 to 482. This is mostly due to the new ship skins, but there are quite a few new additions in there as well. Visually, the big update is the fact that every ship has a background matching its race, which makes for a much more colorful layout. I ordered the ships by race so it does not look like a giant patchwork.


Alternatively, I made separate posters for each race:





Sadly there are no tools (that I know of) which could automate taking the ship screenshots, so it’s a manual screenshot-extravaganza to get it all together, taking them and cropping them all manually. It was worth it though, both for the WordPress plugin and the poster.

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