Sep 2 2015

EVE ShipInfo v1.6

EVE ShipInfo WordPress plugin

A new release of the EVE ShipInfo WordPress plugin is available. I spent quite some time polishing big chunks of the backend, as well as integrate a simple modules database. When I started improving the EFT fittings manager, I quickly realized that it needed to know at least into which slot which module goes – throwing my simplistic approach of just using EFT fit strings out the window. I do not regret making the effort though: having a small modules database opens up a lot of other possibilities down the line, and makes the whole tool more reliable.

Frontend-wise there is not much new in this release yet, but the next release I am already working on will focus on that, namely several frontend styles to choose from and more.

New in this version:

  • Galatea data files
  • Improved EFT fittings manager
  • Screenshots for the new ships

Dowload it via the offical plugin website, or upgrade via WordPress.

Note: Upgrading via WordPress unfortunately deletes the screenshots package, so you will have to reinstall it afterwards. I am looking for ways to prevent this.

P.S.: Check out this crazy fit: Load it up in EFT, and see what it does.