Oct 28 2019

JVC recruitment poster

What started out as a challenge to an artist friend of mine (red.meduza) turned into something pretty sweet indeed:

Joint Venture Conglomerate recruitment poster

This was made for JVC, aka “Joint Venture Conglomerate”, AeonOfTime’s lone wolves alliance. I really liked the idea of having a poster in case we wanted to start actively recruiting people again.

I love the spacey feel, and while it does look best on a dark background, it is pretty close to how I wanted it to look. Kudos to the artist, red.meduza!

Nov 25 2010

JVC Alliance Website

Sytek’s alliance, Joint Venture Conglomerate (JVC), is slowly growing – and the need for an informational website was getting bigger. Lately I found the time (don’t ask me how, I am still amazed myself) to whip together a layout and put a website online for it with some very basic content:


I had already put up a forum as well before the website, so it made sense to have the website to explain JVC’s mission. Many alliances (even the top-ranking ones) have their forum as their homepage, I prefer having at least one simple page that tells me what the alliance is about.

On a sidenote, with 16 active member corporations it has become quite a hassle to keep track of membership fees. I have a spreadsheet now to handle this, but it is still clumsy. Does anyone know of a good way or tool to manage fees like that?