Jan 29 2007

Day 107: Standings, schmandings!

Iteron UndockingAeon has relocated as I mentioned earlier, and has been running missions like a madman to get his standings up. The situation has improved a little, as I have now access to two good quality level 1 agents, and I can run two missions simultaneously on every run for double the standings and ISK. It is still slow-going though, and I am getting really tired of 4+ jumps courier missions with 30k pay.

I would prefer an agent in Security, Legal or something where there is less courier – but the corporation I want standings with does not have any 🙁

On the bright side, I have found a few very interesting trade deals and was able to secure quite a payload of cheap ship modules that I can resell for a reasonable price and still make a good profit. Loreena’s sell orders are going through again too, they were on hold for a while because of someone outselling me a little cheaper. I knew it was just a question of time though – I see no reason in helping bring down the prices by outselling him again, it would only be bad for the overall value of the items (and I would have to re-pay the broker fee).

On a sidenote, I cannot believe how some will try to mess things up. I have a buy order for Frozen Plant Seeds, which usually sell for about 15-17 ISK a piece, and I have been buying them for a while. Until some smartass came along, selling 8000+ of them at 5000 ISK a piece. Of course nobody wanted to sell them for 17 ISK anymore… And the jerk has not sold one of his Frozen Plant Seeds in about 2 weeks. My sell orders are precious to me, and I want them to go through – that his won’t work is a no-brainer, I just do not understand it.

…unless he counts on someone like me getting annoyed enough to just buy the lot and be rid of it 🙂

Oh, and 15 Days left for Mining Barge V… I guess I really got sidetracked, Loreena has only 5 days left for Minmatar Industrial V, and they had roughly the same time to go when they started… It is a little depressing really, knowing that from now on skilling up will be much more time intensive as the overall skill levels increase. Bah, I’m here to stay anyway!