May 25 2007

Day 223: The rise of Naeroth

Aeon has finished training Amarr Frigate to level 5 (after 15 bloody days!), so he directly went on with Interceptors. In prediction for this moment I had already picked up the Malediction-class ship I wanted to try out: Aeon was able to undock with “Naeroth” only a few minutes after Interceptors I finished training.

I did not have any modules to make a good fit, so I just took what I had from my extensive loot stash – a few light lasers, a missile launcher, a shield booster, an afterburner and whatever else I could fit. Already in the fitting screen I could see that this would be fun: 640 km/s cruise speed, and a shield rechargerate of 400 sec.

I spoke to Aeon’s agent, and got the Seven’s Brothel mission. I remembered that there was a cruiser and some frigates in that mission, so I did not think long and jumped in the fray. Well it was fun to say the least: the sentry drone did not even hit me at all, the only problem were the missiles from the cruiser and one of the frigates. I was suprised that I managed to finish the missions without having to warp out at all 🙂

It is probably not good for all L2 missions, but I will definitely use it for smaller missions if only because of its amazing speed… 1400 km/s with the 1MN Afterburner II, YAY!

Mar 31 2007

Day 168: Training, training and a Harbinger

Shiny new Harbinger in OremmulfAeon trained a lot of smaller skills lately inbetween my plan to bring all learning skills to level 5, to make missioning a little more pleasurable. This is working out pretty well, essentially bringing up my primary capacitor, shield and gunnery skills to at least level 3 and where possible level 4. Missions like The Blockade are much easier now, as my hitrate has gone up quite a notch. The shield is holding much better now, and all guns + afterburner now imperceptibly deplete the capacitor. Even with my shield booster active I can hold out quite a long time.

This made me look again in the direction of the Amarr battlecruiser, the Harbinger, which has smaller shields than the Hurricane (3516 HP vs. 4297 HP) but has the big advantage of giving laser-related bonuses: 10% reduction in laser capacitor need and 5% laser damage bonus. With my Amarr battlecruiser skill at level 3, that gives me a 15% damage boost and frees a lot of capacitor for other power-hungry modules. Much better for fitting lasers than the Hurricane :/

So I bought one, trained the required skills and proudly named the new ship “Aeonizer”. I outfitted it already, but have to wait now for a testdrive as it is downtime here… I will post again with a review.

Commodity: Dolls
On a sidenote (I just realized I often do sidenotes), can you believe that my level 2 agent actually gave me a courier mission to bring her daughter a present for her birthday? This is what I had in my hold: dolls!. It is not worthy of a mighty spaceship pilot such as myself! The pay was ok for an in-system mission though so I just pretended I had to buy some very important goods on the target station 🙂

Aeon was on a skilling spree, he completed some more level 4 skills: Eidetic Memory, Gunnery, Focus, Energy Systems Operation, Rapid Firing, Negotiation and Amarr Frigate. New skills are Presence, Amarr Cruiser, Amarr Frigate and Fuel Conservation.

Mar 12 2007

Day 149: Training Learning skills

CovetorThe last few weeks have been monotonous EVE-wise, and the next ones will probably not be much better. I have a lot of work to do – which is good, but leaves pretty little playtime. Aeon and Loreena are both training their learning skills, and I figured that in the long term levelling all of them up to level 5 can only be good. Aeon is looking at 80 days (about three months), which is not too bad. Loreena needs about a month more, but then they will be ready for anything I want to do with them.

The Hulk is out of the picture for the moment, as I am still lacking the funds to get one – but the current skillbase is enough to do some good mining operations and level 2 missioning so I will patiently work towards that. Aeon would like to get a Harbinger to take full advantage of the lasers-based setup, but I am not sure whether that would be wise right now. Maybe on a whim I’ll decide to get one 🙂

On the bright side, I finally have my Covetor, which I called “Aramea”. With three deep mining turrets, it is a real pleasure warping out into the asteroid belts. Loreena can now haul up to 12.000m3 with her Mammoth, so their joint mine & haul operations are getting really profitable. Add the new PC I bought to that, where two EVE windows at the same time are not a problem anymore and you get the perfect EVE setup 🙂

In the last few missions, I came accross a few interesting housing modules, so here’s a bit of eye candy:

Floating Casino in HurjafrenNarcotics Housing ModuleThe Sevens Brothel in HurjafrenCorelum Chief Spy in Hurjafren

Jan 19 2007

Day 97: Mammoth suprise

Loreena Syrkos' MammothSomehow I could have sworn that you need Minmatar Industrial level V to be able to fly a Mammoth. Loreena has been training for 8 days already, with 16 to go for that skill, and was quite agreeably surprised when I found out she could already fly one. Very handy indeed, as my buy order for a Mammoth had gone through just a few hours earlier… Figures.

Anyway this ship while not being as pretty as the Hoarder in my opinion (look at that blotchy front when you dock at a station), it is a fine ship with lots of slots to fill. With three cargo expansions and one Nanofiber Internal Structure (to keep a minimum agility) it can fit 10950 m3 cargo. I will have to skill up to increase that, but it is quite good already.

On AeonOfTime’s front, I put my Hulk plans on hold for now. I am on a kind of agility & speed trip, so to make more of Crimson Skies (Hurricane) I have skilled up in Navigation and Evasive Maneuvering. It currently flies at a cruise speed of 300 m/s and 620 m/s with afterburner. It turns very well too, especially with the Type-D Altered SS Inertial Stabilizers module I fitted. I finally have my current agent over 9 standing, so mission pay is getting better and I did quite a few runs that were very lucrative. My next step will be to try and find a level 2 agent now that I have a good setup to see how that fares.

And now for some eyecandy!

Exploring a debris fieldThe nebula's EyeThe nebula's secret revealedLaser lightshow at "The Pit" Habitation mudole

Jan 15 2007

Day 93: It’s Hurricane time

Damn and re-damn. I managed to make Syrkos Technologies lose 9.8Mil of its 11Mil capital in one stupid click. Aeon was on Ammold V, and to make the sharing of resources easier with Loreena, I thought it would be nice to have an office there. Being used to the 10.000 ISK an office usually costs, I misread the 9.8Mil an office costs there (!!!!) as 9.800 ISK, thinking my standings brought down the price a little. Before I realized my error, I had already confirmed the rental. Bloody hell! Talk about frustration… now why the heck is an office that expensive there?

Hidden ISK and a Hurricane

The Hurricane in all its gloryBeing nearly broke, I sadly decided that Loreena should start selling off her stash of refined materials that she uses for manufacturing. When she got to her Vullat homestation and checked the prices, I could barely believe it – the entire stash of Pyerite was worth 45Mil. Having never checked the value of her materials before, it came as a total surprise. As there were some very good in-system offers, she quickly sold everything: the Pyerite, Tritanium and Mexallon. After that, Syrkos Technologies was up to 60Mil ISK and I was grinning all the way to the moon. Aeon will have to go mining a bit to restash for manufacturing, but this definitely feels good.

The majestic HurricaneEven the 9.8Mil I lost earlier did not look that bad anymore. However, to keep my mood roller coaster up and running, I contemplated the 440Mil more I need to afford a Hulk – that instantly got me depressed again. I decided it was time to do something to clear those depressing thoughts, and remembered that Aeon had already learned Battlecruisers. I had a look at the available ships in the Heimatar region, and taking good care not to think about the drawbacks of such an operation, promptly bought a Hurricane for 40Mil. Screw those 440Mil, I will get them eventually. After 4 hours for training Battlecruisers II, I jumped into a shuttle and went to get my new ship: a rather impressive Hurricane.

Hurricane model detailsI assembled the ship in the Tongofur system, on the Kaalakiota Corporation Factory station. I called it Crimson Skies, a fitting name seeing the behemoth of a ship it is. Very classy, it is one of the most beautiful Minmatar ships IMHO. I brought it back to Ammold, where Azure Skies (Rupture) was waiting to be stripped bare for Crimson Skies’ benefit. In the additional slots, I added two more Heavy Anode Particle Stream I lasers (for a total of 6), a Barton Reactor Capacitor Recharger I and a Nanofiber Internal Structure I module. I took the ship for a test mission, and jumped right into the 20 Angel cartel ships. With those guns and modules, I was wrecking through them flying at 580m/s… a feast for the eyes. All guns, missile launchers and afterburner running at the same time, and the capacitors were depleting but slowly enough to finish the whole mission and more.

I have my main agent up to 18 quality, so the mission pay gets more interesting but I need to find a level II agent – flying these level I missions in a Hurricane is a bit like whacking flies with a sledgehammer. Not to say it is not satisfying, but a minimum challenge is required…

Dec 13 2006

Day 61: Serious mining

Mining in a RetrieverMy skillplan for getting an Exhumer is slowly advancing, and today I have finally come as far as Mining Barge III, which means I can fly a Retriever, the medium-sized of the three available. I even got a great bargain, as someone took my buy order at 4.5Mil (vs 6.5 usual price), adding a proud ship with call sign Maiea to my modest fleet. I outfitted her with two Strip Miner I turrets, and after sending Loreena to fetch the modules a few jumps away I took it for a test mining session.

First off, that thing looks awesome. Like a massive space roadster, complete with steaming turrets and moving parts. But that’s not all – those two strip mining turrets take mining seriously. One cycle of both turrets yields 5000+ of Plagioclase, nearly enough to fill the 2000m3 cargo of the Retreiver – and enough to effectively “strip” some of the smaller asteroids in one cycle. Used to mining Scordite in Vullat, I had to move to a new system with a few more belts

I also met another miner that I am mining with now – he has a command bonus that gives a cool 8% mining yield bonus. Since he needs to form a gang with at least two members for the bonus to work, we both have an advantage in this. It is nice to find someone sharing the same passion too, as there are not that many dedicated miners out there – farmers for ISK resellers do not count 🙂 And with the general attitude of “mining is boring like hell” it is refreshing to hear a different opinion.

AeonOfTime’s status
Skillpoints: 1.800.000
Level V Skills: 3
Level IV Skills: n/a
ISK: 778.000
Known skills: 53
Training: Mining Barge IV