Mar 31 2007

Day 168: Training, training and a Harbinger

Shiny new Harbinger in OremmulfAeon trained a lot of smaller skills lately inbetween my plan to bring all learning skills to level 5, to make missioning a little more pleasurable. This is working out pretty well, essentially bringing up my primary capacitor, shield and gunnery skills to at least level 3 and where possible level 4. Missions like The Blockade are much easier now, as my hitrate has gone up quite a notch. The shield is holding much better now, and all guns + afterburner now imperceptibly deplete the capacitor. Even with my shield booster active I can hold out quite a long time.

This made me look again in the direction of the Amarr battlecruiser, the Harbinger, which has smaller shields than the Hurricane (3516 HP vs. 4297 HP) but has the big advantage of giving laser-related bonuses: 10% reduction in laser capacitor need and 5% laser damage bonus. With my Amarr battlecruiser skill at level 3, that gives me a 15% damage boost and frees a lot of capacitor for other power-hungry modules. Much better for fitting lasers than the Hurricane :/

So I bought one, trained the required skills and proudly named the new ship “Aeonizer”. I outfitted it already, but have to wait now for a testdrive as it is downtime here… I will post again with a review.

Commodity: Dolls
On a sidenote (I just realized I often do sidenotes), can you believe that my level 2 agent actually gave me a courier mission to bring her daughter a present for her birthday? This is what I had in my hold: dolls!. It is not worthy of a mighty spaceship pilot such as myself! The pay was ok for an in-system mission though so I just pretended I had to buy some very important goods on the target station 🙂

Aeon was on a skilling spree, he completed some more level 4 skills: Eidetic Memory, Gunnery, Focus, Energy Systems Operation, Rapid Firing, Negotiation and Amarr Frigate. New skills are Presence, Amarr Cruiser, Amarr Frigate and Fuel Conservation.

Mar 12 2007

Day 149: Training Learning skills

CovetorThe last few weeks have been monotonous EVE-wise, and the next ones will probably not be much better. I have a lot of work to do – which is good, but leaves pretty little playtime. Aeon and Loreena are both training their learning skills, and I figured that in the long term levelling all of them up to level 5 can only be good. Aeon is looking at 80 days (about three months), which is not too bad. Loreena needs about a month more, but then they will be ready for anything I want to do with them.

The Hulk is out of the picture for the moment, as I am still lacking the funds to get one – but the current skillbase is enough to do some good mining operations and level 2 missioning so I will patiently work towards that. Aeon would like to get a Harbinger to take full advantage of the lasers-based setup, but I am not sure whether that would be wise right now. Maybe on a whim I’ll decide to get one 🙂

On the bright side, I finally have my Covetor, which I called “Aramea”. With three deep mining turrets, it is a real pleasure warping out into the asteroid belts. Loreena can now haul up to 12.000m3 with her Mammoth, so their joint mine & haul operations are getting really profitable. Add the new PC I bought to that, where two EVE windows at the same time are not a problem anymore and you get the perfect EVE setup 🙂

In the last few missions, I came accross a few interesting housing modules, so here’s a bit of eye candy:

Floating Casino in HurjafrenNarcotics Housing ModuleThe Sevens Brothel in HurjafrenCorelum Chief Spy in Hurjafren

Jan 29 2007

Day 107: Standings, schmandings!

Iteron UndockingAeon has relocated as I mentioned earlier, and has been running missions like a madman to get his standings up. The situation has improved a little, as I have now access to two good quality level 1 agents, and I can run two missions simultaneously on every run for double the standings and ISK. It is still slow-going though, and I am getting really tired of 4+ jumps courier missions with 30k pay.

I would prefer an agent in Security, Legal or something where there is less courier – but the corporation I want standings with does not have any 🙁

On the bright side, I have found a few very interesting trade deals and was able to secure quite a payload of cheap ship modules that I can resell for a reasonable price and still make a good profit. Loreena’s sell orders are going through again too, they were on hold for a while because of someone outselling me a little cheaper. I knew it was just a question of time though – I see no reason in helping bring down the prices by outselling him again, it would only be bad for the overall value of the items (and I would have to re-pay the broker fee).

On a sidenote, I cannot believe how some will try to mess things up. I have a buy order for Frozen Plant Seeds, which usually sell for about 15-17 ISK a piece, and I have been buying them for a while. Until some smartass came along, selling 8000+ of them at 5000 ISK a piece. Of course nobody wanted to sell them for 17 ISK anymore… And the jerk has not sold one of his Frozen Plant Seeds in about 2 weeks. My sell orders are precious to me, and I want them to go through – that his won’t work is a no-brainer, I just do not understand it.

…unless he counts on someone like me getting annoyed enough to just buy the lot and be rid of it 🙂

Oh, and 15 Days left for Mining Barge V… I guess I really got sidetracked, Loreena has only 5 days left for Minmatar Industrial V, and they had roughly the same time to go when they started… It is a little depressing really, knowing that from now on skilling up will be much more time intensive as the overall skill levels increase. Bah, I’m here to stay anyway!

Jan 19 2007

Day 97: Mammoth suprise

Loreena Syrkos' MammothSomehow I could have sworn that you need Minmatar Industrial level V to be able to fly a Mammoth. Loreena has been training for 8 days already, with 16 to go for that skill, and was quite agreeably surprised when I found out she could already fly one. Very handy indeed, as my buy order for a Mammoth had gone through just a few hours earlier… Figures.

Anyway this ship while not being as pretty as the Hoarder in my opinion (look at that blotchy front when you dock at a station), it is a fine ship with lots of slots to fill. With three cargo expansions and one Nanofiber Internal Structure (to keep a minimum agility) it can fit 10950 m3 cargo. I will have to skill up to increase that, but it is quite good already.

On AeonOfTime’s front, I put my Hulk plans on hold for now. I am on a kind of agility & speed trip, so to make more of Crimson Skies (Hurricane) I have skilled up in Navigation and Evasive Maneuvering. It currently flies at a cruise speed of 300 m/s and 620 m/s with afterburner. It turns very well too, especially with the Type-D Altered SS Inertial Stabilizers module I fitted. I finally have my current agent over 9 standing, so mission pay is getting better and I did quite a few runs that were very lucrative. My next step will be to try and find a level 2 agent now that I have a good setup to see how that fares.

And now for some eyecandy!

Exploring a debris fieldThe nebula's EyeThe nebula's secret revealedLaser lightshow at "The Pit" Habitation mudole

Dec 20 2006

Day 67: Skilling up for battle

Gistii RaiderEven a passionate miner like myself needs some change now and then, which is why I have Azure Skies (Rupture) sitting in my hangar, waiting to be unleashed. I have a few agents I have been working for that I have got quite a good standing with already, and running a few missions can be fun too – when they do not include the assassination of disgruntled employees hiding in hollow asteroids.

While my Rupture is a nice enough ship, the lasers I fit on it make no sense. I have a level III Minmatar Cruiser skill, but do not get any weapon bonuses from that – only Amarr ships have laser bonuses. I am not going to change now, not when running missions is only a passtime. Flying an Amarr ship in Minmatar space would be suicide anyway, so for the time being I am stuck with that. In fact I do not really care, the current medium laser turrets I fitted have an optimal range of 40km and get the job done pretty well: I have upgraded my four lasers to Heavy Anode Particle Stream I turrets, still affordable (400k each) but quite powerful, and it makes quite a difference already. Most missions I can jump into, and take out any contacts before they get too near. And just in case, I have a 10MN Afterburner I that propels me at 580m/s to gain some distance. All in all it is getting quite comfortable flying missions, and since they fixed the wrecks display to show those that have loot in them, it’s pleasurable to hunt for equipment again. A few missions more and I will be able to sell off quite an extensive collection again…

It would be nice if could install jump clones in the two stations I use the most though, it is tiresome to have to fly 10 jumps each time I want to switch between mining and combat – my faction standings are not high enough on both bases. Bummer.

Dec 17 2006

Day 65: The Syrkos Corporation rises

Minmatar station pyrotechnicsLoreena took the time between two long skills to finally train Ethnic Relations I, allowing her to take other races into her corporation. Aeon then made a few quick jumps to Ammold to send in his application and after sorting through all the paperwork, he was finally a member of the Syrkos Corporation.

Sharing Director status, Loreena and Aeon both have all roles to run the corporation, thus also sharing the corporate accounts. This makes things a lot easier to handle – all transactions can now run through the corporation. I am still not sure how to put the corporation to best use, but I think the current advantages are already very handy so there is time to think about it.

Aeon and Loreena will have their hands full the next weeks to further their expensive plans: Loreena is training for a Fenrir, and Aeon is carrying on with his Hulk plans. I prefer not to think of the costs involved, namely 900 Mil for the Fenrir and 500 Mil for the Hulk.

Naturally, the Hulk comes first but there is more than just buying the ship – you have to insure it (even if it does not cover the initial cost), and equip it – strip mining turrets are expensive too. As Minmatar Industrial V is a requirement for freighters, Loreena will at least be able to fly a Mammoth before that, making things a bit easier already.

Nov 30 2006

Day 48: Double trouble

I have been thinking of starting a second character for a while, and finally created one. She is a Caldari scientist called Loreena Syrkos, and her first action in the universe of EVE was to make 24 jumps to Ammold V through systems as low as 0.4. Safely there, my main char – AeonOfTime – was able to fund her for the main skills she will need for what I have planned. First off, the aim is to have her fly a Hoarder so that I can make mining runs with both characters at the same time – Aeon mining with Xaraya (Scythe), and Loreena hauling the ore back to base with Thalea, her Hoarder.

The next step then is to specialize Loreena for Refining, so that they can make the most of the joint ore mining venture. Arthonor has a stack of 2Mil Scordite, so once Loreena has the Scordite Processing skill this stack will be worth way more than just selling the raw ore in the Vullat system. Having her train these skills also leaves the path free for Arthonor to get a Hulk, which is still about 50 days off… Like Inigo says in The Princess Bride: “I hate wait.”

On a sidenote, I am now up to 2904 ore yield per cycle with Xaraya thanks to a Mining Laser Upgrade I module and Astogeology level 4 (+20% mining turret yield). Every cycle fills 400 of my Scythe’s 404 m3 big cargohold 🙂

On a side-sidenote, I also just realized that I still do not have the Clarity skill that I wrote about in my second captain’s log entry – but it is much nearer. In three days, I will have the prerequisite Analytical Mind V and start on that. I will need to refine some of my stash of Scordite though…