Nov 29 2006

Day 47: I want more!

Docked Mammoth
In this mission for my current agent, I encountered some Angel vessels that were quickly dispatched, but then I noticed something interesting: the overview listed a “Docked Mammoth” in the debris field they were hiding in, so I went a little closer to investigate. Turns out there was indeed a platform of some kind, with a Mammoth docked to it.

My first thought was to right-click it and see if I could board it, but it is actually just another large collidable structure… I would have loved to board and take that ship, or at least be able to tow it back to station or something, it seems unfair not to be able to do anything with it – except to blow it up, maybe…

Oct 22 2006

Day 9: The frozen corpse mystery

Floating CorpsePeacefully mining in one of Ammold’s mining belts, I noticed something strange in the gas cloud floating near it – hovering over the signal, I discovered that a ship was there, along with something called a “frozen corpse”. At first I freaked out, thinking something dangerous was lurking nearby but then my curiosity got the better of me. I looked at the corpse, and indeed there it was, floating right next to an interesting looking ship, and unmanned too at that.

Before I could get too excited, I checked and saw that I still lacked the skills to fly the thing, so even if I wanted to I could not board it. Someone else will probably get it, or maybe even the real owner if he makes it in time. But how did this eerie sight come into being at all? From what I could glean from a few questions in the RMS channel, the pilot ejected. But why would he commit suicide like that? I sent the pilot an email asking him exactly that, but never got an answer.

Anyway, day 9 and I have already seen a frozen corpse floating around in space. Man, I really feel secure in my “Crunchy” (Burst)… one shot of nearly anything would probably blow me to pieces. I need something more resilient!