Aeon's EVE short stories

The Alea Zatar Chronicles I: Crystalline Trouble

"Sent unbeknownst into a suicide mission, Alea Zatar and her unorthodox crew strive to survive against insurmountable odds."

By Sebastian Mordziol aka AeonOfTime
Created: 01.01.2008
Last update: 21.06.2009
Words: 37 992 (approx. 44 pages)

1. Calm before the storm
2. Jumping into the fray
3. Beaten and trapped
4. Into the unknown
5. Further into ruin
6. Calm after the storm
7. Fixing things
8. Out-of-pod experiences
9. A goddess rises
10. Tunnel dwellers
11. Storm
12. Eitasena Annidhar
13. The storm
14. Impending Doom
15. The Crystal Core
16. A fleet on the move
17. The tide turns
18. Eitasena Annidhar
19. Hope
20. Geoff Cirol
21. The Blast
22. Eitasena Annidhar
23. The Aftermath
24. The Phoenix Rises

Keywords: (warning, possible spoilers)
Abaddon, Angel Cartel, Automated Ship, Bhaalgorn, Bodyguard, Carrier, Coma, Covert Operations, Crystalline Rock Formation, Dismemberment, Electromagnetic Storm, Exoskeleton, Experimental Weaponry, Exploration, Gunfight, Medical Urgency, Mercenary, Romance, System-wide Explosion, Telepathy, Torture, Unlikely Survival, War Installation, Withdrawal

The Alea Zatar Chronicles II: Troy

"The quest for independence begins - in the most unlikely of places."

By Sebastian Mordziol aka AeonOfTime
Created: 03.08.2009
Last update: 21.06.2009
Words: 2 379 (approx. 2 pages)

1. Disillusion

Keywords: (warning, possible spoilers)